Hand and Foot treatments 

Basic manicure with Standard Polish - £25

Includes file/cutting nails, cuticle work, hand scrub and varnish. 

Deluxe manicure-£29 includes hand mask and massage

Basic Pedicure with standard Polish - £27

Includes file/cutting nails, cuticle work, dead skin removal ,foot scrub and varnish.

Deluxe Pedicure-£33 includes foot mask and massage

Medical Pedicure - £42

Basic pedicure + Foot Health service

Basic Manicure with Gel Polish - £31

Includes file/cutting nails, cuticle work, hand scrub, and gel varnish.

Deluxe gel manicure -£36 includes hand mask and massage


Basic Pedicure with Gel Polish - £36

Includes file/cutting nails, cuticle work, dead skin removal, foot scrub, and gel varnish.

Deluxe gel pedicure -£40 includes foot mask and massage 

File & Shape with standard polish - £15

Includes file/cutting and varnish. 

File & shape with Gel polish - £23

Includes file/cutting, cuticle work, gel varnish

Removal & repaint Gel polish - £26

Includes removal,file/cutting, cuticle work, gel varnish

Gel polish removal - £11

Additional Paraffin wax treatments - £6

Please bring flip flops to allow standard polish to dry

Spray Tans
Full Body - £26

Half Body - £16

The Crazy Angel Spray Tan Treatment is the quickest way to get a professional finish. The Crazy Angel will create a fine mist that will tan and contour your  body for a truly exceptional sleek finish. As all angels are unique Crazy Angel has formulated Take Me Higher Tan Intensifier Drops for the ability to personalise your tan.

Ear piercing 

Studs and cleaning lotion included - £15

Waxing / Threading

Full Leg - £26

Half Leg - £17

Full leg and bikini £32

Bikini Line from - £15

Hollywood £32

Brazilian £26

Underarm - £13

Eye brow - £9

Lip or chin - £7

Back - £28

Chest - £28

Arm wax from £11


Permanent Hair Removal using Sterex needles

​Up to 15 mins - £12

10% off pre -paid course of 6 or more sessions

Eye Treatments
​Eye Lash Tint - £15

Helps your natural lashes to stand out without mascara on, great for  holidays and swimming.

Eye Brow Tint - £8

Used to enhance your eyebrows.

Colours include chestnut, light brown, brown, dark brown, black. 

Eye lash extension - £58    Infills -£32

A false lash is attached to each eyelash of your own to make them more longer, darker, curly, great for wedding, holidays or every day instead of using mascara.

Individual eyelash removal  £16

Eyelash Lift - £37 (free tint)

Curls the eyelashes for up to 8 weeks, enhances your natural lashes without the need for daily mechanical curlers.

Eyebrow lamination (free tint) - £35

Adds colour and definition to eyebrows

Henna Brows - £30

An all natural type of eyebrow tinting that stains the skin as well as the eyebrows, gives a fuller look for longer

Tinting/perming treatments require a patch test 24 hours before treatment.

Body treatments 

Full body Scrub - £26 

A sugar pomegranate scrub that helps to remove dead skin cells, brightens your skin, great before a holiday to get a better tan. 

Back Facial - £26

First we scrub your back with a pomegranate scrub to buff the dead skin cells away, then apply a mask and leave you to relax for 15 minutes, once the mask is removed we apply a sorbet moisturiser. Great for any skin problems or dry skin.

Body Wraps  £42 / 3 prepaid treatments  £115

A relaxing and detoxing body wrap helping to remove toxins , draw out impurities and replace important minerals.