Hand and Foot treatments 

Basic manicure with Standard Polish - £25

Includes file/cutting nails, cuticle work, hand scrub and varnish. 

Luxury manicure-£29 includes hand mask and massage

Basic Pedicure with standard Polish - £27

Includes file/cutting nails, cuticle work, dead skin removal ,foot scrub and varnish.

Luxury pedicure-£33 includes foot mask and massage

Medical Pedicure - £42

Basic pedicure + Foot Health service

Basic Manicure with Gel Polish - £31

Includes file/cutting nails, cuticle work, hand scrub, and gel varnish.

Luxury gel manicure -£36 includes foot mask and massage


Basic Pedicure with Gel Polish - £36

Includes file/cutting nails, cuticle work, dead skin removal, foot scrub, and gel varnish.

Luxury gel pedicure -£40 includes foot mask and massage 

File & Shape with standard polish - £15

Includes file/cutting and varnish. 

File & shape with Gel polish - £23

Includes file/cutting, cuticle work, gel varnish

Removal & repaint Gel polish - £26

Includes removal,file/cutting, cuticle work, gel varnish

Gel polish removal - £11

Additional Paraffin wax treatments - £6

Please bring flip flops to allow standard polish to dry

Spray Tans
Full Body - £26

Half Body - £16

The Crazy Angel Spray Tan Treatment is the quickest way to get a professional finish. The Crazy Angel will create a fine mist that will tan and contour your  body for a truly exceptional sleek finish. As all angels are unique Crazy Angel has formulated Take Me Higher Tan Intensifier Drops for the ability to personalise your tan.


Full Leg - £26

Half Leg - £17

Full leg and bikini £32

Bikini Line from - £15

Hollywood £32

Brazilian £26

Underarm - £13

Eye brow - £9

Lip or chin - £7

Back - £28

Chest - £28


Permanent Hair Removal using Sterex needles

​Up to 15 mins - £12

10% off pre -paid course of 6 or more sessions

Eye Treatments
​Eye Lash Tint - £15

Helps your natural lashes to stand out without mascara on, great for  holidays and swimming.

Eye Brow Tint - £8

Used to enhance your eyebrows.

Colours include chestnut, light brown, brown, dark brown, black. 

Eye lash extension - £58    Infills -£32

A false lash is attached to each eyelash of your own to make them more longer, darker, curly, great for wedding, holidays or every day instead of using mascara.

Eyelash Lift - £37 (free tint)

Curls the eyelashes for up to 8 weeks, enhances your natural lashes without the need for daily mechanical curlers.

Tinting/perming treatments require a patch test 24 hours before treatment.

Body treatments 

Full body Scrub - £26 

A sugar pomegranate scrub that helps to remove dead skin cells, brightens your skin, great before a holiday to get a better tan. 

Back Facial - £26

First we scrub your back with a pomegranate scrub to buff the dead skin cells away, then apply a mask and leave you to relax for 15 minutes, once the mask is removed we apply a sorbet moisturiser. Great for any skin problems or dry skin.